It’s the Opposite of What We Think

What if you could look at it another way?

We look around and we see so much of what our culture calls strength among our friends, our colleagues, our role models, almost everyone it seems. They let things roll off them, they don’t take everything so personally, they walk away without looking back.

They make everything  look so much easier than the way it feels to us.

The way it feels to us.

It’s this part of us that gets the least amount of validation from the world around us and the people who are the least like us. In a world where success is evaluated by the measurable things that have nothing to do with our hearts, it’s no wonder we can feel so wrong, so misplaced, so counter to what we feel so otherwise pressured to be.

Add to the mix of all the cultural messages we’ve already received from the time we first appeared as little girls wearing our hearts on our sleeves, with the people we’ve allowed the closest access to our fragile self-esteem, and we have a clear picture of just how backwards we’ve got it to be.

The problem is when we carry on the pattern that’s become so ingrained in us of pretending we’re not who we are, of acting out roles that were never ours to play.

We set ourselves up for disappointment and failure trying to show the world – and everyone we’ve ever felt the need to prove ourselves to – that we’re so much more than our feelings, our emotions, and everything else that we’ve been told we shouldn’t be.

It’s no wonder you can’t see your strengths for what they are. They’ve only hurt you, let you down and taken the hope you used to have.

Trust me, I know that you have given so much of yourself to the exhaustive process of dating, maintaining a relationship, getting to the altar, having kids, separating, divorcing and for the lucky ones; re-marrying another wonderful matewink.

It just proves , none of us are are exempt. Let’s take a look at Mariah Carey and her ex-James Packer Break-up..

Let’s be honest, some break up’s can be brutal and as a result, you have the hidden wounds displayed on your heart. But…

~Can you take a little leap of faith?

~Can you try, just for even  a day, to see this side of you as a strength instead of a weakness?

You can do this. I know you can.

And I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.

How about you? What are you waking up to? So many of us are rediscovering parts of ourselves we never knew were so beautiful.

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