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  Certified Life & Relationship Coach as a Law of Attraction Practitioner 

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Distinguished as the Founder and Executive Matchmaker of FeaturedDate® Matchmaking Agency, with over 10 years of guiding singles toward the love of their lives.

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Diary of a Break-Up Coach,


I remember being where you are. I was a girlfriend and successfully became a fiancé before I became a wife.

A lot of this won’t be new to you. You’ve been living this “single life” for a couple years now so you know being single and dating is for a special breed.

For you, true relationship seekers and keepers, there is no doubt that you are truly in the thick of it. You can’t and refuse to walk away from this relationship that has stolen your heart and taken over your mind, even if you tried.

As a coach, I thrive on helping to form and change the perspective of women and men, as they go through this game of love, and it’s with that knowledge, that I hope to share with you what I wish someone had shared with me, many years ago… the good, the bad, and the ugly… in reverse order:

The Ugly

The ugly side of relationships is that not everyone will love you, like you do.

They will say it’s not personal and to them, maybe it’s not.

Maybe they don’t understand your background, of how you have loved and lost before and are now careful with your heart and how you make emotional decisions. Maybe it’s change that makes you uncomfortable because you have already invested way too much. Maybe it’s holding on to the last bits of what you believe is slipping away.

So maybe it’s not personal . . . to them; but what about you?

However, it will become very personal to you.

You will see it all. You see the phone calls and texts that are not returned or have stopped all at once. You’ll see the person that you hold dear to your heart, agonizing over wanting to be free and explore other options or wanting time to themselves; while you watch them foolishly going down the wrong path, when you are clearly the right path.  But you don’t want to give up because you see their full potential.

And you will keep trying to save the relationship without thinking because that’s who you are.

 The Bad

I guess I shouldn’t say bad, just tough. This stuff can be tough. Dating is not just the hard part, getting engaged and getting married each have their own learning curves. But, at one or two points in your ten or twelve years, after marriage and maybe a couple babies, you might become frustrated.  On the bad days, it’s hard to kiss him or her goodbye. The days are long. The time together is short. The frustration is hard, and it becomes easy to wonder where you fit in anymore. But I promise, you do, and your support allows your mate to continue to reach their own goals individually and for the team in a whole.

The Good

Oh, the sweet stuff. This is the stuff that’ll get you through the other moments.

  • When you see things start to click.
  • When you see that beautiful chemistry between your lover and you again.
  • When there’s an awesome gesture made from your lover and you don’t mind being receptive.
  • When your confidence begins to build again, and you are reminded why it’s all worth it.

And more than just being supportive, you will be SO PROUD of the person you have become in the process. The kind of proud that brings you to tears. Worth it. All of it. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Who can coaching help?

Coaching with me is honest, challenging, loving and deeply spiritual, and I invite you to look at your readiness.

START BY SAYING… I AM READY TO …                                

♦ Make changes to be a better me… & Find Love…..

♦ Fulfill my deepest dreams and desires….Home, Spouse, kids, Career, Joy, and Happiness..

♦ Understand my limiting beliefs…

Own my thoughts and actions….

♦ Move forward even when I feel stuck, blocked or         blinded….

♦ Choose love first and always!!!

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Romella Battle has dedicated her life and finds pleasure in her gift for coaching others through the process of relationships, whether you are breaking -up, making -up or looking for the love of your life. Her gift has aided relationship seekers in breaking down the unspoken veil of dating and relationship codes of not just getting the love that you deserve but keeping it. Romella has helped her clients realize that they are in control of their own destiny, by creating the relationships that come into their lives and manifesting the outcome they desire;  She has spent over 10 years assisting wonderful men and women of all ages, who desire to meet someone, find happiness and an everlasting connection.

Romella has developed a solid reputation in guiding people on the path to love and facilitating singles through the process of understanding how their past behavior has a direct correlation to what is currently going on in their lives. She has a strong gift of intuition which is coupled with her background in counseling which has allowed her to easily understand what others feel, need and want in a relationship. She meets with you, talks to you in-depth to find out who you are and what is important to you.

Her love for helping others is complimented by her expertise as a Professional Matchmaker and Founder of FeaturedDate® Matchmaking Agency, where she has guided hundreds of couples in finding each other using old fashioned tested and true introduction methods.