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Text Messaging & Email Coaching

author Now you can get all of the benefits of private coaching with me, personally, with all of the convenience that email has to offer.

  • If you’re the type of person who prefers writing over talking, or you like to have the ability to process through your thoughts and questions “on paper” ot text” before verbalizing them, then one of these plans will be perfect for you.
  • Whether you have a relatively simple question that you’d like my input on that can be answered in one or a few emails, or if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to longer term coaching, there’s a plan that’s right for you.

Benefits to text  & email coaching:

  • Fast response time – I’ll answer your question as quickly as I can, typically within 48 hours (and often by the next day). I prioritize any questions marked “Urgent”.
  • If you’re wondering how to respond to a text he just sent?
  • Have a quick question before going on a date, and need a fast answer? Just make sure to put “Urgent” as the first word of the subject line.

Text & Email coaching allows us to get more “focused” and only discuss your questions quickly.

Ready to finally get the answers that you’ve been looking for…Let the Journey Begin!!!

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