Faith In Finding Love

I wish that I could tell you that finding and keeping love is easy, but sadly the reality is that, it is a constant inner battle between what you really want and what you really need… The great thing is that, with all the love movies, that give us a depiction of love, romance, and chemistry that would electrify the night sky.  I promise, you can have that feeling too!!! However, someone in your life, may have oppose the theory and told you one of the following phrases at some point and time.  “If it’s not right let it go”, “there is always fish in the sea”, “you can do better” and the infamous ” If you let it go and it comes back, it is yours” .  

So how do we get and keep the fire works, we so desire?  

Dear love’s, to answer this simply, without writing a book. -Getting the love you want is all based on you, and the steps you are willing to take; Similiar to chess, you must first know your most valuable pieces in order to strategize a successful win, but the change starts with you-.

Remember this, even if what you want just falls in the palm of your hands.  

EVERYTHING we do is based upon our actions , and our actions are based upon what we believe to be true. It is no different in our faith, and this point is made crystal clear by the Bible in the Book of James – faith without works is dead. – 

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3 thoughts on “Faith In Finding Love

  1. Thanks for your honesty. You commented that “you found keeping a love is harder than finding love”.

    However the truth is, no matter how strong the love is, when you spend less time together it leads to a loss of intimacy, which turns into a loss of attraction. The loss of attraction leads to decreased communication between partners, starting off a cycle of negativity that becomes one of frustration and further distance.

    I don’t know if you are currently married or single but here are some effective strategies for you to keep the love you want.

    1. CREATE * You have to create what you want, not just go hunting for it. To be a good partner you need to be emotionally fit and shift from wanting something to doing something. Think back to the start of your relationship: you were willing to do whatever it takes to make that person happy. What are you willing to do now?

    2. TALK WITH YOUR PARTNER* You need to have five times as many positive communications as negative ones to have a good relationship, particularly if you want an intimate one. It’s easy to see the negative impact of people feeling shut down and shut out of their intimate partner’s sphere. Talking doesn’t just mean chatting for a few minutes before falling asleep. It means making plans about your future, understanding your partner’s love language and finding out what’s on the other’s mind.

    3. GROW* What we’re attracted to in others is another part of ourselves that we’re not activating. Then we get resentful because those qualities are being shut down and stifled in the other person, which comes through as frustration with the relationship. Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone, so go do something new together. 

    4. PLAN SURPRISES* It sounds counterintuitive, but planning for spontaneity can make a huge difference for partners. One of our favorites is to plan a surprise date: block off time on your partner’s calendar but don’t say what you’ll be doing. Then spend quality time doing something you both enjoy, whether that’s going for a beverage or dinner, seeing a show, taking a walk, going on a weekend getaway… Your partner will see that you care enough to make time for them and you’ll remember reasons that you got into this relationship in the first place.

    5. STOP LIVING OLD STORIES* This moment is the only thing that’s real. So don’t filter your partner through old memories because everyone grows. Living in the past may cause you and your partner to outgrow each other, then it’s over! Instead, think about what will make that person feel loved, seen and heard on a regular basis-then do those things they have expressed to you. Key thing* If you don’t know? Ask.

    6. GIVE* Giving shows that you’re making your partner a priority. Remember, if you contribute nothing, you get nothing. If you get nothing, it’s likely that you feel insignificant and unloved. Instead, think about what you can give to your partner to make them feel filled, seen, and understand that they are your top priority. Go farther than your partner expects and you’ll be each other’s own #1 fan.

    Most of all don’t forget to enjoy the journey!