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Duration: 4 weeks of the support by phone, text, or skpe, as you go through a break-up, relationship issues or dating problems.

  Your Friend-Mate is there to lean on with real live experienced coaching to help you get over the hurdle. 

Are you single, separated or going through a significant life change such as an empty nest or divorce? In our lives, we attempt to make everyone around us happy and put ourselves on the back burner and begin to create emotional blocks, while feeling trapped in an unhealthy space. For over 10 years, Romella Battle has helped singles on their journey to finding love.

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Introducing, The  Friend-Mate.  

What is a Friend-Mate?  

  • She is a dedicated, caring and supportive friend, during your time of need. Your Personal Relationship Coach Romella, will take you through a 4 week care-plan specifically designed to get you back into the swing of things.

In the Rejuvenation portion of your care-plan, she will:

  • Help you to release the baggage.

  • Revitalize your spirit with a dedicated friend experience; which is ideal for converting emotional blocks into positive energy.

  • Be there for girl-talk, address any problems area’s in you life and provide a shoulder to lean on as the girlfriend you can call on, if you need her through your hard time.

  • Let you vent and release “stuck” feelings to examine the precise origins of your unhappiness.

In the Transformation portion of your care-plan, your Friend-Mate will:

  • Help you get your MOJO back to FEEL and BE attractive from the inside-out.

  • Provide the essential support you need for releasing judgments about yourself, your body and your self-image.

 In the Lifestyle enhancement portion of your care-plan, your Friend-Mate will:

  • Utilize essential coaching techniques to bring out the best you, you can be!

  • Your Friend-Mate will,  help give you the tools to meet new people and invigorate you to find love again.  

In the Restoration portion of your care plan, you will receive:

  • A unique life celebration gift, which is specifically catered to recognize the completion of your Friend-Mate Jouney.

In Addition:
  1. Your Friend-Mate helps you attain a happier and fulfilled lifestyle.

  2. Helps you to escape from unhealthy patterns of behavior.

  3. Will awaken and use your creative and vibrant energy to help you enrich relationships with yourself and others.

  4. Help you trust your feelings and improve your self-esteem.

  5. Most importantly, your Freind-Mate will provide support via calls, texting and email to support and help you through your transformation as your personal friend.

  6. She will be the person rooting in the corner as your friend while you make big or small steps toward revitalizing your new life.

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