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Once upon a time you were a little girl who knew her worth couldn’t be measured; a little girl who believed in herself and her dreams, which were big dreams, and that little girl knew she could do anything and that her dreams would come true.

Until one day you told yourself, you weren’t all that, you weren’t worthy, and other outside influences convinced you that they knew better than you did.  Society, told you that it wasn’t ok to do this or that, that it wasn’t  ladylike, or feminine, or appropriate for someone like you. Unfortunately, you believed that, what appeared to be most popular in society, must be best!!!

And you began to doubt yourself  and believe instead that you had to prove yourself worthy instead of remembering that you were worthy just because you are you.

And then you found yourself looking for a man to complete you so that you could finally prove to everyone that you really do have worth, that you really are special and deserving of someone who loves you.

He came along, your prince charming, full of promises of love and dreams, and you finally had the validation you’d been looking for.  Until he broke those promises and left you devastated, questioning whether you really were still worthy and still deserving of all that love and life had once held for you.

But then another prince charming came along full of those same promises until he, too, eventually left you alone – again.  And then another and another.  It happened over and over again until you truly believed you were unworthy, that you really weren’t anyone special and that you didn’t deserve anything more than these crumbs left behind by the princes.  You no longer believed in your dreams, in your worth, and settling for these crumbs became a part of your new vocabulary with pleasing and working so hard for love becoming your new mantra.

Until one day, you had an “AHA moment” and experienced a different perspective than you’ve ever had before.

“That it was all a lie, you’re not that type of woman & being a Doormat, that’s not you”.

That’s what society wanted you to be and pigeon holed you into. The nice little girl and now a beautiful woman which is polite, cooks like betty crooker, cleans like his mom, knows how to seduce his mind and body, is a great mother, wife, friend, bible -totting, cookie baker, sews up holes’ in socks, accepts criticism and loves unconditionally without nagging!!!

That is a mouthful….

WOW. That sounds like an amazing woman..

 You can be all these things and more. Now let’s add strength to all those wonderful ingredients which you were given as a woman and that men only respect.

So, how do you do that? Simple.

~Mean what you say and say what you mean~.

“Now, the light is on, and shining brightly !”. You’re starting to get it.

It wasn’t about you; in fact it never was – it was about what they wanted you to be.

Now it’s time to ask yourself. Are you living or existing?

Now it’s time, long overdue, to get out there, and start living.  Really living your life the way you want it to be.  Start listening to her and start seeing what she can really do.

Because you are more than worthy – you are special and beautiful and you deserve nothing less than all that life and love have to offer you.

Believe me.