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Does it sometimes feel like everyone in the world is in a relationship except you? I’ve been there, and here are five secrets I learned along the way that will save your sanity!

For those of you who are able to ignore those messages and live your single lives to the fullest without feeling like something  or someone was missing; I admire you for being able to be authentic and happy right now.  But for the rest of us, I’ve got a few things to share with you that I wish I had understood back when I was feeling so discontented being single when everyone else seemed to be with someone.

So what’s a single person to do in this couples world?  Plenty:

 1.  Remember that this is only temporary.

There are so many seasons in life.  This is only one of them.  Don’t get so caught up in looking forward to the next seasons that you forget to enjoy the season that you’re currently living in.  There will be positive and negative aspects to each period of your life; instead of looking at the future as being better than here, focus on what is great about right now.

 2.  Build your dating support group.

Your group should include:

(this person will help with providing the keys to sustaining a healthy and long lasting relationship).

(this person is still single but half way to your end goal, so they will be essential in getting you over the hump).

(this person will help reinforce and remind you of your core values, priciples and beliefs;this persson is esential to formulating your individual strengths and non-negotiables in a relationship).

Notice, I did not mention a single connection.. WHY? 1 # Rule For Success…If you are trying to get to a certain point in life, always be around people who are already where you want to be!!!

3.  Embrace the person you becoming!

You can make changes; you can do things differently; you can stop repeating old patterns and you can (and will) attract someone different into your life as you begin to realize those baby steps towards changing those old patterns.

Remember, this is your time, your space, your season, your life.  Don’t let someone else’s idea of what it means to be happy take away from the joy of being you.

Radiant, beautiful, confident, currently single YOU!

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