I am so humble and appreciative for all of you, who have shared your personal dreams, passions and desires. It takes a lot of courage to make yourself open to change and everything that god has in store for your life and fulfillment of your heart.

Thank you for sharing your love…

Placeholder Image  “Before calling Romella, my boyfriend left and I felt like I was suffering and felt lonely and worthless. I tried to find myself in books; however, something was wrong because I failed to practice what I learnt from the books. I still remember what I used to tell myself, you deserve a better life, and you deserve it now, not a minute later; but that was easier said then done. I tried to fix how I felt by shopping, dating other guys, talking to family, friends and even praying. But nothing seem to make me feel better or bring him back. I just knew something needed to change. So I called Romella, whom I have come across coincidentally(!) for many times;  And our journey began in a joyous way. She is like talking to a long lost friend that know’s you very well, however she did not try to fix me, but instead, gave me a big push in the right direction : ) 


My life began to change and take a new shape just the way I wanted, beginning from our first meeting. I tried so hard, I cried so much and it really challenged me but I learnt in the end! I learnt how to love myself, and experienced lessons that I would not trade. I made peace with myself. I accepted myself. I learnt how to really love people, accept them as they are and smile sincerely.”

 Thanks for everything, “Tina”

“I started working with Romella at a point in my life when I was not content with my life and did not know how or from where to start to change all of this. I felt that everything in my life was falling apart; I was going through financial, career and relationship problems and was not able to take control in any area. It seemed that I would at some stage be able to resolve all of this by myself easily: all I had to do was to stay by myself for a while, chat with friends and ultimately wait for a solution. However, sometimes comes such a moment that none of these work. Then what you have to do is come up with a solution rather than waiting for a solution to arrive itself and you have to do it at once. For that reason, I needed someone professional who would be able to look at my life from the outside and help me change it all. 

Trisha k.

The great thing about Romella, is that, she didn’t just listen to me patiently, but helped me create alternatives to the way I was thinking and making decisions. I have to admit, I have plenty friends and family but they just did not seem to understand what I was going through.


 I felt that I had no control over situations I created myself and Romella helped me to create a plan to turn things around. Thank you for the insight, love and care that you genuinely gave me without any judgment.”

Love Sherri, you changed my life.



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