The Truth Is…Blog

I wish that I could tell you that finding and keeping love is easy, but sadly the reality is that, it is a constant inner battle between what you really want and what you really need… The great thing is that, with all the love movies, that give us a depiction of love, romance, and chemistry that would electrify the night sky.  I promise, you can have that feeling too!!! However, someone in your life, may have oppose the theory and told you one of the following phrases at some point and time.  “If it’s not right let it go”, “there is always fish in the sea”, “you can do better” and the infamous ” If you let it go and it comes back, it is yours” .  

So how do we get and keep the fire works, we so desire?  

Dear love’s, to answer this simply, without writing a book. -Getting the love you want is all based on you, and the steps you are willing to take; Similiar to chess, you must first know your most valuable pieces in order to strategize a successful win, but the change starts with you-.

Remember this, even if what you want just falls in the palm of your hands.  

EVERYTHING we do is based upon our actions , and our actions are based upon what we believe to be true. 

future me