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You Deserve Better !

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We are scared that we don’t deserve better. Scared to stand up.. and let him know in no uncertain terms…that we are done!!! That we refuse to be treated like this anymore, and we would rather be alone than be with someone like him treating us like some random chick! When, you my friend, are a Queen….If you have forgotten who you are…STOP READING RIGHT NOW AND GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR.


You my friend are not just beautiful, educated, kind, loving, godly and can cook your butt off.. You friend are sitting on a cookie jar full of gold;

So, say what’s really on your mind, say what you really feel.

The reality is, you are strong! You can stand up for yourself and look that fear right in the face and say “I am not allowing myself to be treated like fake gold”..

We were taught to be good little girls who don’t rock the boat. Who cater to these men. Who spend our time proving we are worth something to him. 

What if he’s the one?

What if he’s my last chance?

What if he’s the only one who will accept me the way I am?

What if…?

Worse than those fears, is that you will only have yourself to blame. However, THE TRUTH IS…He is not treating you badly, you are treating yourself badly.  This kind of -self doubt- serves no one AND especially doesn’t serve you, my sweet beautiful friend.

 You deserve nothing less than someone who adores you and loves every part of you, and that woman that knows her true worth and isn’t afraid to speak her own truth. WINS!!!

Remember, men only respect, what you respect…Set the standard and don’t look back. 

Whether he is really the one or not… don’t be mistaken, he will still run in the opposite direction, in fear of knowing that he can’t run over you or get away with wasting days, months or years of your time. The thing about men which is important for you to know. Is that, in order for them to know whether you are the best thing outside of their mother in their lives, that they just can’t live without. They have to “go ghost“.

What happens then? (Game Over).

But, I assure you, my friend.-HE WILL BE BACK….

And when he comes back, the decision will be yours!

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